If you are looking for mammals, reptiles or insects, we have some other very special educational ambassador animals that can come to your classroom or educational event.

Guinea Pigs

We have a variety of guinea pigs that love to be held, snuggled and petted by children and adults.

Skinny Guinea Pigs

We also have nearly-hairless guinea pigs (called "skinny" pigs). Our skinny pigs have warm, soft skin and are friendly and personable!


Eddie & Jo are two of the softest bunnies in the whole world! They are rex rabbits which are sometimes called "velveteen" rabbits. Eddie & Jo are calm and enjoy being petted by gentle children and adults.


We have a carpet python and a rat snake available as well.  Both snakes can be petted by gentle adults and children.



We also have a Costa Rican zebra tarantula who can come to visit. These are some of the largest species of tarantulas in the world, though ours is still young and growing! She is easy to see in her terrarium (she doesn't want to be touched or held).